Edit Videos with Windows Movie Maker - Udemy Coupon 100% Off

Create slideshows & make simple video edits basically with Windows Film Maker! Also generate a blooper reel video with me!

Windows Film Maker is a free video editing program for Windows computers. It is a popular option because of how simple it is to make use of! It may not be the best free video editor, but it is great for individuals who have older computers that may not be able to handle the more powerful editors.

The best part of this coursework is that I'll give you all of the sample files (unedited video file, background music, sound effect, and text file) and actually edit a video with you! It is plenty of fun and it is a practical way to learn the program.

I edit my videos so that there is no fumbling through menus and no "ums" or wasted space. Why watch a twenty minute video when I could teach you the same thing in five? Watch the "Free Preview" to see what I mean!

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