Email Marketing Using Google+ - Udemy #EmailMarketing Online Course Free

"Want more sales? Why not generate an Email Campaign using Google Plus? No need for emails!"

Generate more sales by starting a Google+ email marketing campaign with no need for targeted-customer email addresses to get more income generations .

- The email marketing now is the hidden secrets to get more sales and increase profits .

- We will learn in this course how to create a Gmail account to start sending and receiving our emails

- How to create a Google plus profile for your business .

- How to create a Google plus circles , manage , edit and delete this circles .

- How to create a targeted research for specific customers that are inserting in our business .

- How to start the email marketing campaigns for specific circles on Google plus without having there emails .

- How to compose emails for specific people in Google plus circles .

This course will help any one have online business or work in the digital marketing to make more sales by sending there promotions to a targeted people .

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