Eye catching Amazon Kindle book covers in MS Word - Udemy

Create covers fast and easily. Save money or profit by doing them for others.

Is this course for you?

Have you created an ebook? Are you creating one? Do you want to create one?

At some point, you'll need a cover for that book.

Have you seen how much they cost or paid someone in the past? Have you seen or experienced the results?

Maybe in the past you've used an online cover creator but found your covers to be a bit stale.

Perhaps you've hired someone to create the cover for you but the cover didn't really stand out as much as you thought it would ... and making any changes would have required more money.

A series of books will require a cover for each book. And that would normally be an additional cost per book.

Not any more!

With this course you'll learn how to create your own book covers with Microsoft Word.

Save money:
Create the covers yourself in Word and not pay anyone to do them for you.

Have complete control:
If you want to make any changes, you can make them. Free.

Make money:
You can even use the techniques in this course to create covers for others and pocket the profit.
I'm using Word version 2013 in the demonstrations, but newer or older versions are very similar and you'll be able follow along easily. I even show you how to watch the course and create your cover at the same time.

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