Fast-Track Your Career Journey With Social Media - Udemy Course

Learn strategic social networking from start to success. Build an online community that brings opportunity to your door.

Chances are, the next person to hire or promote you is “Facebooking", pinning, posting, or tweeting. 58% of adult Americans use Facebook. More than 20% use LinkedIn or Pinterest. 19% use Twitter.

Social networking is popular because it's fun. It's an entertaining way to share with friends.

But what about Career networking? That is no less fun, and today replaces the 20th-century concept of job security. The difference between social and career networking boils down to this: Strategy.

Now you can Fast-Track Your Career Journey With Social Media. Set aside two hours for the video lectures. While you watch, complete the included worksheet forms. Plan Your Path to Success. Put Social Media to Work for You.

Effective social networking takes just a couple of hours per week. Learn how. Complete the lessons, pencil today's responses into the worksheets, then put it all into action with the included optional projects.

A career journey should not be a lonely path. A robust career network sends opportunity again and again to your door.

Knock-knock. They need your skills.
Knock-knock. They know your abilities.
Knock-knock. You're the right-fit candidate. The job's yours.
Register today. It's your lifetime pass to Fast-Track Your Career Journey With Social Media.
What are the requirements?

Before Lecture 2, you should visit one or more of these social media services: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, or YouTube. Just a quick look at any of them will do!
Also, you will be better prepared if you have thought about your ideal job or employment situation. Plan to work toward that ideal as you take the course!

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