Forex Trading with #Forex live examples

Trading Forex live examples and trading theory backed up by a professional trading coach.

It's Bruce Banks here and I'm really exited to get you involved in this course.


You will get a devoted Instructor (Me!) that is here to answer all of your questions about trading. It can be about this course or it can be about ANYTHING trading related from lifestyle to account sizing. I'm here to make you part of my trading team!

You will be able to enter Forex trades in whatever Forex cross that you favor with confidence.

You will prevent yourself from getting into bad trade setups that are doomed from the start

You will have a better understanding of what makes a great trade setup vs a good trade setup.

You will understand the mental preparation that you can do to re-leave the stress live Forex trading can cause.

I'm always adding new lectures and look forward to hearing what all of you think! Please don't hesitate to message me and you might get a custom made section just for your own question!

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