Healthy Heart Fitness Training to Stop Heart Attack - Udemy free course

Healthy Heart Fitness Training to Treat Heart Attack ,Human Heart Diseases , Factors effecting Heart Attack and Angina

Welcome to the very First Course on the Udemy Platform about the Heart and Heart Fitness. I was searching that there are several courses on Yoga, Weight Loss, Healthy Diet but there is no info or Course for the heart So I decided to present a course on Heart Fitness that is titled “Heart Fitness: Ultimate Guide to prevent the Heart Attack”. In these days the life is very fast so everyone want to be fast, eat fast and everything fast. So this Course is quick to teach you about your Heart. In this course the basic point that originate is that most of people are conscious about their figure, their hair, their skin but no one has time to care for heart. Heart is said to be the Power House of the Body. There is a famous proverb “Prevention is better than cure”. My course has been standing on this proverb. Because when a person is suffering from a disease then it is difficult to control it. When we know that these things have adverse effects on our body we remove it from our daily routine.

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