How I make 1,812.50/week with Groupon - Udemy Online Course

Learn how to take your small LOCAL business to the next level by getting paid to market to new clients with Groupon.

This course will teach you how to convert your grouponers into real paying clients. I will show you my Groupon Retention Strategy that has brought an average of $1812.50/week (some seasons more) into my small business and how you can do this too!

The Course Will Also Include: All the mistakes that I made and problems I came across along the way, along with the best ways to avoid them – You will learn exactly what not to do and how to avoid potential pitfalls that can damage your business. Detailed marketing campaigns that I have developed, tested, and fine-tuned over the years – These are the exact campaigns that I still use to continually build my business and they brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit for me. All the boring, but super important stuff that comes along with running a Groupon Campaign – The stuff that no one wants to deal with, but must be handled correctly if you are ever going to make a Groupon Campaign work.

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