How to cope emotionally with food intolerances/allergies - Udemy 100% Off

Learn how to mindfully cope with the emotions around your food intolerances/allergies.

Do you suffer from a food intolerance, allergy or even celiac disease?  Do you despair over all the food you can't eat or get angry at the comments you get when you are dining out? Don't worry, these are normal feelings when it comes to allergies and intolerances. But there are ways to cope with them!

In this course you will first get an overview of the typical negative feeling that are connected to food intolerances and allergies like:

Wanting to cry, because you can't eat your favorite food.
Asking yourself: "Why me?"
Being angry, because all you hear is stupid comments instead of getting support.
I will then give a short introduction to mindfulness and the five steps needed to recognize and deal with those negative feeling.

You will then get solutions, exercises and guided meditations, that will help you to deal with these emotions in a mindful way - which is not as difficult, as it sounds like!

So no matter what kind of food intolerance or allergy you suffer from, this course will give you an easy way to become happier with life again!

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