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Hypnosis- Increase Your Feeling Of Confidence & Self Esteem Using Hypnotic Techniques And Boost Your Confidence

In this course titled ' Hypnosis - Increase Your Feeling Of Confidence And Self Esteem ' By Pradeep Aggarwal, you will learn many techniques like affirmations, anchoring, mind triggers and visualizations to increase your confidence level to do complicated tasks and also increase your self esteem.

You will be able to identify your talent and accomplishments in life and focus on them better to boost your morale and confidence

This course is very helpful for people who lack confidence and self esteem and doubt their own capabilities from time to time in their life.

This course contains more than 30 minutes of video content and designed over 8 lectures .

This course contains: -

Lecture 1 : Introduction

Lecture 2 : Exercise - Recognize Your Good Talent And Accomplishments

Lecture 3 : Relaxation Using Self Hypnosis

Lecture 4 : Relaxation Using Mind Trigger

Lecture 5 : How To Increase Your Confidence Using Affirmations

Lecture 6 : Visualization Technique To Achieve Success

Lecture 7 : Confidence Anchor Technique

Lecture 8 : Summary

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