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Learn how to apply Lean manufacturing principles to distribution, logistics, and supply chain operations.

This course, Implementing Lean in Distribution, is based on many successful Lean implementations I have participated in and lead. The primary driver for these implementations was addressing today and future's challenges in customer service and distribution. The course provides a set of the issues and drivers leading to the design for a Lean approach that simultaneously reduces costs and inventory while improving customer service. In this way, the Lean Distribution approach has been market tested and proven to deliver results by leveraging the Lean concepts of Pull, kanban, cycle time reduction, and buffer against variation.

The Lean Distribution approach is described using a number of analogies. Each analogy is meant to describe how and why Lean provides a solution to a fairly knotty problem. Terms are defined when introduced and described in the relationship to distribution. You should be able to follow along with the framework and solution approach, as well as what should occur in the plant/warehouse or at your suppliers to enable these distribution changes.

The Lean Distribution framework provides a comprehensive and cross-industry guidance to the Lean journey. It starts with the business trends and drivers leading to the need for new approaches in distribution and then uses customer service expectations to initiate the Lean design. A Lean transformation designs processes according to how growth, profits, and customer service can be optimized.

Content and Overview:

This course contains 30 lectures, 6 hours of content organized in 10 areas. It's designed for 1) managers and professionals who are in the day-to day operational processes and strive to improve these processes; 2) students who are considering career in distribution and logistics; 3) executives who want to gain perspectives on the reasons to embrace the change toward lean distribution.

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