Lead Generation and Sales Optimization - Learn to generate 1000s of new email leads

Learn how to generate 1000s of new e-mail leads & then convert them to loyal customers

This work is about lead generation, nurturing & sales optimization. New leads are bread & butter for any business (online & offline). I will show you a step by step method that you can use to generate 1000s of new electronic mail leads for your business. I run a promotion agency called iSocialYOU & I have managed 100s of lead generation campaigns for my clients including Chevy, Lexmark, Papa Murphy & lots of small medium businesses.

In this work you will learn things like..

  1. How to generate new electronic mail leads for your business
  2. How to make sales after proper lead nurturing
  3. How generate your lead generation landing pages in less than 10min
  4. What tools, processes & systems you require for successful lead generation campaigns

I will share why most businesses fail at generation leads & sales & the way you can avoid those failures. This work includes

  1. Over 25 video lectures
  2. Actual life examples & case studies
  3. Demo of tools I used to generate one,031 electronic mail leads for my client
  4. Demo of specific Facebook Ads you ought to be using to promote your campaign

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