Learn Construct 2: Creating a top-down shooter in HTML5! - Udemy Coupon

Construct 2: MADE EASY! How to make a top-down shooter with HUD elements, enemies, dynamic projectiles and more!

What is the course about?

This course is about creating an intense top-down shooter game. By using Construct 2 and it's extremely fast ability to get a thought out of your head and into code, we are going to be diving right into creating our game. This course is about understanding how we can take a very advanced topic and make it simple all thanks to Construct 2.

What material is included?

In the beginning of the course you have access to all of the assets used (art, animations, SFX) so you can make the same game along with me. In the download you will find the .capx we create at the end of the lecture!

What does this course include?

  1. Simulated controls
  2. Configurable shooting
  3. Bullet accuracy
  4. Dynamic Camera
  5. Camera Screenshake
  6. Enemy AI using Line of Sight
  7. Enemy tracking
  8. Functions and parameters
  9. Muzzle Flash
  10. Player health and death
  11. End game
  12. Random enemy spawning
  13. Instance variables
  14. Pushing the limits of Construct Free but great for C2 Personal
  15. All assets are free to use for commercial use.

The course is always being updated as is the game engine we are making!

Why take this course?

The lectures are quick and easy to understand. If you follow along with the provided assets you will easily find yourself able to create any kind of game once the course is over. I personally think that as soon as you finish the course you are going to want to add so much more to your own game that you are going to have no choice!

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