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Free Tools To Help You Find Quality Incoming Links That Compliment Your Site, Not Compete To Gain PageRank and Traffic.

It's simple & finds the categories of sites that the owners are more willing to link to you since they are not direct competition along with your product or service.

In case you provide a service to get incoming links for a business, then this method will find quality sites with better PageRank & Alexa values that are more willing to link.

SEO is not anymore to accomplish those valued High rating positions.

In case you do any kind of SEO, then you know that SEO by itself is not to rank strong for any long periods. Bringing traffic in from quality sites is like an exit ramp on the Web Highway. You are getting web traffic from other sites, as well as PageRank value.

Simple as Tic-Tac-Toe

This method makes use of a method that looks like the elderly Tic-Tac-Toe game. In fact, a few years ago that is what I called it, the Tic-Tac-Toe Link Building Tool, because it was so simple & natural to find quality links.

Using Excel with macro driven buttons, its all automated when generating search phrases that you enter in to a search engine.

What you get with this coursework for FREE.
  1. A Truly Distinctive Free Tool that generates focused keywords you'll enter in to a search engine to find sites that compliment, not compete along with your sites
  2. A documenting method & spreadsheet you'll use to track your best choices in sites to contact about a link partnership
  3. Templates to make use of when contacting site owners to persuade them that your site & theirs are a great natural match to exchange links.

I was one time excited generating this method because it helps you quickly generate the right kind of keyword phrases using a BrainStorming method I teach to find sites that are naturally related to yours.

Getting links from related sites that don't compete with yours looks more natural to the search engines, so you meet their review better by having more natural flow-thru link connections.

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