Master Excel 2013 - Formulas and VBA programming - Udemy Free coupon

Join me on the journey to excel in excel 2013 and beyond

Students who enroll in this course will learn the most important formulas in MS Excel 2013 as well as using them in the most efficient way. Moreover the course offers a vba section where students learn to program very useful code in vba.

I designed the course in a way which offers students with different excel knowledge the perfect environment to increase their skills and become proficient with one of the most important tools microsoft has to offer.

I use Excel 2013 but other versions of excel could be used to. The course is structured in more than 50 Lectures with almost 3 hours of valuable content. Any student can decide on his/her own how fast he or she wants to complete the course.

Whether you want to work in the banking sector, in consulting, in an industrial company or as an entrepreneur - as long as you want to work with excel, this course offers the best way to hone your skills.

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