NLP-Be Happy By Changing Your Breathing Pattern

NLP-Be Happy By Changing Your Breathing Pattern And Identify A Person's Characteristic By Their Breathing Pattern

In this course titled ' NLP- Be Happy By Changing Your Breathing Pattern '. By Pradeep Aggarwal you will learn how to consciously identify your breathing pattern and change it to achieve happiness and get rid of sadness and depression from your life . You will learn deep relaxation techniques using self hypnosis by making your mind and body relax completely and make your mind completely alert. NLP technique called anchoring is also taught to change your breathing pattern and also identify people with similar breathing pattern

This course contains more than 30 minutes of live recorded divided in 8 lectures

This course contains


Types Of Breathing And How To Identify Them

Exercise On Breathing Patterns

Changing Breathing Pattern Using Anchors/Triggers

Future Linking Technique

Bonus Exercise On Breathing

Bonus Technique On Relaxation Using Self Hypnosis

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