NLP-How To Master Your Emotions Using NLP Techniques

NLP-How To Master Your Emotions Using NLP Techniques Instantly And Reverse The Negative Feeling Into Positive Feeling

In this course titled ' NLP- How to master your emotions using NLP techniques.' By Pradeep Aggarwal you will learn how to control your negative emotions, take control of how you feel and then let go off the negative feeling easily. You will be able to master your emotions by reversing negative feeling into a feeling of confidence.

The course contains many NLP techniques which are powerful and simple to use . It is ideal for people who are into sports at any level, entrepreneurs , business professionals , CEO's etc.

You will also be able to use any feeling to your advantage instantly and achieve success.

This course contains more than 30 minutes of live video recording designed over 8 lectures.

The course contains -


Lecture2:Why Resisting Negative Feeling Is Dangerous?

Lecture3:How To Use Your Negative Feeling To Your Advantage?

Lecture4:Process To Let Go Off Your Negative Feeling

Lecture5:Reverse Spin Technique - To Reverse The Negative Feeling

Lecture6:What is NLP Anchoring Or Mind Triggers

Lecture7:Bonus Technique - • Relaxation With Self Hypnosis

Lecture8: Summary

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