Oracle Java SE7 Programmer Level 1 Certification - Udemy Coupon $10

This Oracle Java SE7 Programmer Level 1 Certification course is designed to give you all the knowledge you'll need to pass the Oracle Java SE7 Programmer Level 1 Exam

Oracle Java SE7 Certification Information

This Oracle Java SE7 Programmer Level 1 course aims to get you to a level of knowledge that would allow you to pass Oracle's Java Programmer Level 1 exam. This course is not certified by Oracle, but we followed the curriculum they use to prepare developers for the exam. This exam certifies that you are proficient at Java on a basic to intermediate level. This level is more than enough for you to be able to start working on real world problems - by yourself for practice or possibly even for a company as a junior developer.

About this Oracle Java SE7 Programmer Level 1 Certification Course

The course will start by introducing you to the very basics of Java and will swiftly move on to implementing simple concepts that you should already be familiar with (variables, data types etc.). As your knowledge strengthens we move on to object oriented programming where we learn about polymorphism and encapsulation as well as situations where these would be applied. The series finishes with us discussing how Java handles errors and exceptions and how we can catch them, learn how and where they are affecting our code and finally how to deal with them.

One of the hardest parts of learning a programming language is applying the concepts that you've learned into practical situations.

Object oriented programming languages such as Java have infinite potential for implementing solutions to programming problems, and when you are presented with a real-life programming problem, there are many ways that you can go about the solution, but the best solution will be reached by correctly applying these concepts.

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