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Master Apple’s powerful yet simple tool, Preview. We will cover all the basics of this image editing tool and beyond.

In this course I will be teaching my students everything they need to know about Preview, which is a very simple yet powerful image editing software. Preview comes along with every Mac and is free so why not learn how to use this powerful tool to your advantage. Preview is also Apple's Main Image Editing Software. I may use some photography literary terminology in some lectures but there's nothing too complicated. Many videos are included in this course to make sure that I covered everything there is to learn about preview. This course can be completed in a little less than an hour and a half. Take this course if you want to learn how to edit any image professionally in Preview. Also you can take this course to further expand your knowledge in Preview and get a complete understanding of it and its capabilities. This course can also be a great start to many image editing and photography careers!

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Udemy Course by: Saleh Najar
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I work with many different programs and a variety of different specialties. I enjoy educating students all over the world so they can expand their knowledge and improve their skill set. In my courses you would find that I cover every bit of the programs that I work with. This is because I like to leave nothing unmentioned to get you your full course that you deserve. I am a developer and currently have five apps on the App Store that I have created myself. Through my journey of creating these apps I have learned a lot and now wish to share my knowledge and expertise with you.