Productivity for Writers - Writing Habits Acquisition, Time Management and Literary Apps

This is a quote by Chuck Close, and it clearly reflects the success of an artist. Everyone has ideas. The hard part is to externalize them. And this is something very common in writing. I've met several people who would love to turn inspiration into words, but they never do it. Perhaps they aren't motivated enough. Other times it is a lack of organization or knowledge which makes them fail. There is always an excuse that prevents us from being productive, and this makes our dreams disappear without even having tried to accomplish them. But now there is a solution to all that, and it's this course.

Many people have great ideas or just the intention to write something like an article, a book, a blog post or a personal diary, but they never actually do it because they lack the main ingredient that makes a writer successful: habits. The objective of this course about productivity for writers is to fix that problem. I have elaborated every single lesson to help you

  1. Develop effective and fun writing habit
  2. Learn about different writing apps and
  3. Vanish procrastination forever.

Here's a list of the topics that you'll find:

  1. Motivation, where we will learn how to be inspired and passionate with our topic and our writing right from the start.
  2. Organization, to make sure that we set achievable goals on a regular basis.
  3. Productivity, where I'll give practical resources that you can implement right after the lesson to keep concentrated, Avoid Distractions and Manage your Time and Effort properly.
  4. LiterAPPture, where I show and explain how you can use the best software available to develop your writing projects effectively.

In fact, you can preview some lessons for free to check their quality. Watch them, join the course and take your writing to the next level. Productivity for writers will make you feel like a pro writer. Welcome!

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