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How to position your authority and influence online to get a rush of prospects, increase sales and make a passive income

Be a Champion for Professional Virtual Summit Speaking

This course is designed for those of you who are ready to increase your reach and visibility without having to leave your place of work.

You recognize that:

  1. There are limitless opportunities to collaborate with others
  2. There are new ways of reaching your audience that are more cost effective
  3. You can grow your list of high-vale buyers supper fast and at no cost
  4. You can make a passive income from being part of a Professional Virtual Summit
  5. You need to update your Professional Speaking skills

Hi I'm Wendy Kier,

I've spent years interviewing expert speakers on telesummits, webinars and interview series, I can tell you there is a massive difference between an average speaker and the ones that are truly successful and get the results.

The course provides you with a professional framework not only to learn new skills but also how to turn new high-value- leads into customers.

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