Raise Your Credit Score to 800 Or More.... - Udemy Online Course Free

What You Need to Know to Improve Your Credit Scores

This information is available to anyone who wants to understand all aspects of the credit score, from the differences between the various scoring models, to how they're calculated. Save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on the cost of credit by implementing these practical solutions to managing your personal finances today!

  1. Learn why you have a different credit score from each of the credit reporting agencies!
  2. Find out the one thing that prevents a high score (780) from being an 800!
  3. Discover what consistently drops your score by 12-20 points each time you do it!
  4. Figure out how to re-build credit after a bankruptcy, or establish credit if you've never had it before!
  5. Discover little-known information on accessing your report from the 4th credit bureau, as well as the other agency that collects widely reported information about you!
  6. Learn where to get the money to pay off your credit card bills!

This class offers complete and concise information on raising your score, and avoiding the things that decrease your score.

Learn to “think" like the credit scoring models and qualify for the most competitive interest rates on houses, cars, and insurance policies.

Take this class today and be part of that elite club with 800+ credit scores, enjoying greater financial freedom!

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