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How To Achieve Studio Quality Speech and Voice Over Recordings at Home

Get better at recording speech, dialog and voice overs at home. Without spending a fortune!

This really is a complete guide. Over 5 hours of content!

It's easy for anyone to start recording at home with modern affordable equipment.

But there is a huge problem. Information is spread all over the internet and it's hard to find good advice. There is a lack of awareness of the importance of high quality audio.

The internet is full of podcasts, videos and courses with awful sound quality. The speech is hard to understand and irritating to the ear. In some cases it's simply unintelligible!

Improve your technique for recording voice. It's the easiest step to increasing the quality of your product. Yet it is so often neglected!

Voice overs are often understandable online but sounds distant, thin or odd. This has a proven negative effect on the perception of your work. To give that premium feel, you need high quality voice recordings.

Follow the simple steps outlined in this course. You will quickly and easily improve your podcast, audiobook, voice overs or videos. In fact, anything that includes spoken word or dialog can be improved without difficulty.

This will impress your current fans. Attract new customers. Increase sales, downloads or streams.

All you need is a microphone and a stand which can cost you as little as $40!

What's Inside

You might be asking: what exactly are we going to cover in these lectures? And the answer is pretty much everything you need to know from square one:

  1. Microphone Basics
  2. The Human Voice
  3. Mic Choice
  4. Mic Placement
  5. Recording Techniques
  6. Room Acoustics
  7. Acoustic Treatment
  8. Sound Isolation
  9. The Recording Process
  10. DAWs and Software
  11. Editing
  12. Mixing
  13. Compression
  14. EQ
  15. Noise Removal
  16. and more!

The course is split in to 6 easy to follow sections. It would only take you a few hours to speed through the lectures, but I advise you go through no more than two sections per sitting. There are tasks set out for you that you need to complete between sections so you'll need a bit of time before moving on.

I highly recommend that you take notes during the course. This will help you to remember the key points.

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