Religion in Modern America - Online Course Free

A Guide to Religion in the United States from 1865-Present

This course explores religion in America from 1865 to the present. This course examines the ways American religion inspires and intersects with historical, cultural, and political change and considers the various traditions that interact and overlap to create our rich religious landscape.

We will explore the various religions present in our pluralistic society, and how they coexist in American culture. This course explores the Judeo-Christian foundation of American religion as well as the many other traditions that influence the landscape like Islam, Mormonism, New Religious Movements, and New Age.

We will see the ways media is used to promote religious traditions, and how savvy marketing has had an impact on which traditions thrive. This course is designed chronologically, but also has thematic foci such as marketing, politics, and race.

The course pays particular attention to the generational shifts among religious preference, including dwindling numbers among Catholics and Mainline Christians the exponential growth of evangelicalism.

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