Secrets of Sound for Self Healing (Introductory Course) - Udemy 100% Off

Learn how to create a thriving, healthy life by using the power of sound to heal yourself & others.

This course is about self-healing through sound (a proven scientific method which is becoming an adjunct to Western Allopathic Medicine) and can be used as a way to enhance wellness, personal growth, reduce stress and engage deeper healing.

When you begin to learn about the various scientific aspects of sound, along with utilizing simple tools like deep breathing and mind-body awareness, you can begin to create a powerful setting for your physical, mental and emotional body and ignite a pathway to help you heal.

While this is an introduction to my advanced course, I still teach you easy, practical tools that you can begin using immediately and I also go over the science that explains why "sound" is a serious (and successful) modality to consider.

You will have the opportunity to go through a sound healing session and come back to the course at anytime in order to use it again and again.

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