SELF CONFIDENCE: The Complete Confidence Course For Adults - Udemy


Here is everything that you will learn:

  1. Know Why You Are Already Fabulous
  2. Become The Film Maker Of Your Life
  3. Set BIgger Goals & GO FOR YOUR DREAMS
  4. Know If That is The Right Direction For Your Life
  5. Learn Why You ought to Go For Your Dreams WIth 100% CONVICTION
  6. Learn How To Use PAIN & PLEASURE To Build Your Dream Life
  7. How To Use The Power Of Focus To Make Your Dreams Come True
  8. Learn Why You Ought to Dream Without Limitations & Dream Huge
  9. Define What You Require To Do With Your Life in one,5 & ten Years From Now
  10. Use The Powerful FUNERAL EXERCISE To Discover What You Require In Your Life
  11. Find What You Don't Require To Find What Is Important To You
  12. Use THe Hidden Power Of Working On Your Goals Every Day
  13. Understand Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Last
  14. How To Generate An Action Plan To KICKSTART YOUR RESULTS
  15. Know Why You MUST Take The FIrst Action Towards Your Goals NOW
  16. Generate a vision board that will empower you and give you results
  17. WHY It Is CRUCIAL To Write Everything Down
  18. Start By Feeling Lovely On The Inside Then The Outside Will Fix By Itself
  19. Unleash Your Potential By Removing The two Worst Words Ever
  20. Select Your Values To Be HIGHLY SELF CONFIDENT
  21. Rediscover your REAL value & skrocket your confidence
  22. Find The Qualities You Require To Create In Yourself
  23. Be consistent with who you require to be & your surroundings
  24. Get Around Supportive People To Kickstart Your Results & Self Confidence
  25. Make A List Of How Gifted You Are
  26. Hack Your Level Of Self Confidence With Your Posture
  27. Destroy Your Fear Of Failure: Make A List Of Everything That Could Go Wrong
  28. Adopt A Language That Makes You Feel Weird
  29. Hack Your Internal Self Talk To Be More Self Confident
  30. WHY You Ought to Be Authentic With Peope & Be Proud Of Being YOU
  31. How to fall in love with yourself
  32. Skyrocket Your Self Esteem In Less Than one Minute Per Day
  33. Use The Famous Mirror Exercise To Boost Your Self Picture
  34. Transform Your Weaknesses In to Strengths To Be A Hero
  35. Take Care Of Yourself To Increase Your Self Esteem
  36. Never worry again about what other people think of you
  37. Use The Final ten Sentence Technique To Be Situational Confident
  38. Know Why You Ought to Child Step Your Situational Confidence
  39. The Final ten Sentence Technique To Be Situational Confident

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