SSL/TLS Protocol and Handshake Process - Udemy Free Course

Demystifying SSL/TLS protocol Handshake process

Knowledge security is the collection of technologies, standards, policies and management practices that are applied to knowledge to keep it secure. This coursework provides overview on a quantity of the basic ideas laying foundation for any secure technique.

In current world, Knowledge is an important asset to everyone. In Business, where knowledge plays a key role in success of any company. Business designs, customer database, product blueprints and road-maps are a quantity of important example of knowledge assets to any organization. At personal level, losing important files, leaked emails, passwords, misuse of Credit cards are a quantity of the examples, which every individual fear of in free flowing world of Net.

Under short but exact multiple video lectures, they will discuss a quantity of knowledge security ideas and feasible assault scenarios compromising security of the technique. A quantity of the discussed topics are Cryptography, PKI, Digital Certificates, SSL/TLS protocols and lots of more.

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