Step-by-Step Guide to Attracting Life Changing Mentors

How to earn more money or land your dream job by attracting mentors who have already achieved the success you are after

How great would it be in the event you could jump out of bed everyday to go to your dream job or to see your business undergoing breakthrough growth?

Regrettably, that is not the way life is for most people because they make some deadly mistakes and fail to do simple thing that can help you crush it.

Think about it.. Do you ever wake up not desirous to go to work the next day? Or try a bunch of different things but still don't see your business taking off? I was there too Over and over again, I used to wake up and press snooze, not desirous to go in to work. Even when I attempted beginning my own company and I was tremendous passionate and inspired, that energy began to fade as my business was not taking off!

There is an issue you require to know.. Most people don't recognize that they are the average of the five people they surround themselves with most, and as a result they spend time with individuals who hold them back in lieu of propelling them forward.

Fortunately for you, if completed right, you can use this issue to your advantage. Through using the tactics and guidance provided in this work, you'll be able to basically attract mentors in to your life that will modify the game!

Using the same steps I outline in the course

  1. I got a dream job by a Chilled Electronic mail where I got paid to travel and teach entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Munich as a 21 year elderly college student
  2. Get paid $4k a month to work part time for a NYT Best Selling Author
  3. Landed deals for my company with Fortune 500 companies
  4. Worked with a quantity of the most promising startups by the world's premier startup accelerator, Techstars
  5. And more...

No matter what it is you require to accomplish, your not going to get there alone. In the words of Sir Isaac Newton, if I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. This work teaches you how to find giants who have your success in mind and presents an actionable method to turn those role models in to mentors.

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