Stress and Heart diseases - With Scientific proof - Udemy

Stress connection with heart diseases in Science. Why people donot take action and how to detect heart disease at Home

Have you experienced stress historicallyin the past?

If yes then do you know the biological changes that happen inside your body in the work of that time?

If no, then will you get in the future?

Have you experienced heart assault or cardiac arrest?

Do you know all the kinds of heart diseases that can occur to people?

If no, then when are you planning to learn about it in the future?

Lots of people assume the stress is bad and it can lead to heart assault or stroke, but do they know the science behind it?

Medical science shows that the damage caused in our heart is for long term and in case you got any kind of heart issue, then you will must take medication throughout your life, and in case you skip them, then you increase your chances of getting heart assault

This work will start in a step by step method, where you will notice how our body changes its functions, to alter to the stressful surroundings. and then the sequence of heart issues that leads you to heart assault or cardiac arrest. My work is based on scientific facts, and it will show to you how stress can contribute towards cardiovascular disease

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