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Stress Management for a Longer, Happier & Prosperous Life

Stress Management for Beginners is for everyone who has recurring frustration, anxiety, worry, and/or fatigue, along with confusion about how to handle it effectively. Life is constant stress and one would think we should have had a course like this required in our education prior to graduation from high school. Now you have a course to get you started in controlling your life ton YOUR terms.

The course includes:

Training in Conscious Connected Breathing - a technique used throughout the course then anywhere you need it anytime without anyone knowing!

Take the Dallmann-Jones Stress Test - a scientific survey to accurately reveal where your stress is actually originating.

Develop New Mindsets that help you all the time.

Learn How to Control Your Stress and Your Life!

10 Stress Reducing Tips You Can Use Right Now!

Stress Management for Beginners is 60 minutes long but the student is asked to pause several times to write some things down.

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