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How to Spin the World Around and travel the world of nature and culture both deeply and cheaply

Become a travel expert and save thousands of dollars on your next trip as you live like a local anywhere in the world! You will learn to travel hack your way to the cheapest airfare, find the cheapest accommodations or stay for free with locals, and discover all of the internet social networks that will help you meet new people along the way.

With a smartphone as your personal travel agent and a mindfulness practice covering experiential journaling and awareness exercises, you will learn to explore the world around you and the world inside yourself in ways that will make your travel experience life-changing. Included as the course textbook is the full-length eBook, "How to Spin the World Around: With Cheap Travel, Technology and Mindfulness" authored by the course instructor.

The course is structured as a series of lectures delivered from beautiful places and reinforced with quizzes, worksheet exercises, and a website cheat sheet to list out all of the sites mentioned in this course. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or about to leave home for the first time, you will learn a lot from this course about the latest and greatest ways to travel the world.

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