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Love travelling but detest being on a budget? Save your travel dollars by staying at no cost in homes and apartments!

But thing you don't love about travelling is coming back to a hotel or hostel at the finish of the day. And it is not the money, although you would not be paying a lot for your room.

You love the excitement of exploring a new city: new culture, new food, sometimes even a new language! There's castles, museums, and art galleries to explore. There's new restaurants to try, new shops to inquire in to, and new friends to meet.

This coursework is specifically for individuals who are looking for something different while they are travelling. Individuals who need a home to come back to after a long day of playing tourist. Individuals who are willing to do things a tiny outside the box to have a great holiday while living like a local at no cost.

It is mostly about wishing that you could come home to a actual home or apartment after a long day of sightseeing. Someplace that feels a bit more like home. Someplace with persona, and possibly a dog or cat to greet you at the finish of the day.

Explore major cities and tourist destinations while getting to know the locals.
Wake up in the country surrounded by nothing but nature (and possibly a few pets).
Cook some (or all!) of your own meals and shop like a local, !
Travel to off-the-beaten track locales in Europe, the US, and Canada.
In the event you said Yes! That is more of those statements, you are in the right place.

This coursework is for you if you have ever desired to:

My name is Felicity Fields, and year ago I put all my property in to a storage unit and set off on an extended US/Canadian/European travel adventure.

Along the way, I have stayed at a stunning million-dollar condo overlooking the water in Vancouver, BC; a row-house in Dublin, Ireland for five weeks over Christmas; a charming three-bedroom, two bath house in an English country village; and a converted barn in the Italian countryside.

And I haven't paid a penny to stay in any of these places.

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