Ultimate Fitness Guide - 360 Success - Udemy Health & Fitness Course Free

Learn how to build a great body and live a healthy life with the help of 4 fitness professionals and 2 Wing Chun Masters

Over 650 happy students for 2 weeks.

The idea behind this workout plan is to bring more professional approach towards “Out of the Gym” workouts. Through this workout tutorial we aim to explain details on how to build healthy habits, save time and money, and build impressive muscle tone. This tutorial is a step by step guide to strong body and mental health. This video sessions with our professionals are designed to give the necessary information and guidance on different segments of the healthy and active life.

The market is crowded with fitness lessons from warmup routines to nutrition guides, ones online and ones that require gym membership or personal trainers. We have brought up a team of distinguished professionals in the fitness industry along with a great production to successfully present you with the strict to the point fitness guide that will teach you everything you need to know about being healthier.

The "Ultimate Fitness Guide - 360 Success" course is a complete online fitness guide that covers topics from how to breathe in an exercise to martial arts and meditation. It’s designed to help you learn the principles of fitness, it will save you time and it will show you workout routine that you can do anywhere, in a dorm room, tiny apartment, outside and so on.


SiFu Predrag Petreski - Wing Chun Master

SiFu Djore Kostovski - Wing Chun Master

Jasna Lekovska - Pilates and Fitness Professional

Kate Popeva - Pilates and Fitness Professional

Martin Redzepagic - Fitness Professional

Petar Deslievski - Fitness Professional

Udemy Free Course :https://www.udemy.com/fitness101/