Using WordPress to Promote Udemy Courses the Easy Way

Easily promote Udemy courses using WordPress to create dynamic offers, coupon encryption, affiliate linking, and more!

"Using the Udemy Promoter WordPress Plugin: How I Made $98 in 5 Days"

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I can hardly believe it myself, but it's true...

I gave away free coupons to my courses and ended up making $98 in 5 days as an affiliate of Udemy courses. Then other course authors and affiliates asked me to help them do the same - or better.

The Magic Is In The Method

Using WordPress, I created a plugin that saves time, increases efficiency, and literally helps both course authors and affiliates promote Udemy courses.

Just Imagine Being Able To:

  1. Create dynamic promotions that automatically escalate in price
  2. Encrypt your valuable Udemy coupons
  3. Automatically embed your affiliate link in course promotions
  4. Save time from promoting courses so you can make other courses or enjoy life
  5. ...And that's just for starters!

It Might Sound Crazy, But This Course Is the One You Need Now

And Not Only That:

  1. The course is fluff-free - you only get what you need
  2. You can ask any questions in the discussions area
  3. As more lectures are added, you get them for free - You get lifetime access to the material
  4. You will be completely overjoyed with the results, or I'll refund every penny!
  5. I Can Only Work with a Few New Students at Any Time, So You Must Respond Now to Avoid Losing Out - The Current Price WILL Go Up

I INSIST you join the course completely at my risk. Try it for 30 days and SEE your results for yourself. Watch your promotions become more profitable. Since result will vary based on your own implementation, I'll offer a guarantee: If you're not 100% blown away by the results, just ask for a full refund, no questions asked. But I'm letting you know once you realize how fun it is to create Udemy promotions, you'll wonder how you ever promoted courses without it!

Special Bonuses When You Join Right Now

This course requires the Udemy Promoter Plugin for WordPress from PracticalPlugins. Anyone can get a free 14-day trial to the WordPress plugin; however, we are offering students an additional 30 days to try out the plugin. Given that we've made $98 in 5 days, we're confident you can be profitable too. Just message me from the Udemy platform to claim your additional 30 days.

Since I, as a course author, used the plugin to make $98 in 5 days, I'm offering the exact method I used to do this. Students of this course will receive the $98 in 5 Days Blueprint absolutely free.

You will receive instant access to the course, and you can begin going through every lecture immediately.


Tom Tenaglia, Your Udemy Course Promotion Instructor

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