Wedding Photography: Complete Guide to Launching a Business - Udemy Course

Learn exactly how to become a wedding photographer, make a ton of money & take better images from a photography professional.

You're a photographer & you require to make money from your hobby and passion. Does this sound like you? If it does, have you ever thought about doing wedding photography?

Average wedding photographer's make over $3,000 per wedding. Great photographers can make $10,000+ per wedding. And money isn't the only reason to be a wedding photographer. It is an important job that helps capture a beautiful day and preserve memories for a lifetime.

If you're interested in using your photo skills to make people happy (and make money), this is a great course for you!

Will Carnahan, professional wedding photographer, and Phil Ebiner, professional wedding videographer take you through every step of becoming a successful photographer.

Here are just some of the things you'll be learning in this course:

  1. Setting up your wedding photography business
  2. Creating a brand, website, and portfolio
  3. Putting together wedding photography packages and pricing them to make sales
  4. Getting your first clients
  5. Putting together an awesome equipment kit for shooting weddings
  6. Knowing exactly what goes on during a typical wedding day and how to navigate it
  7. Shooting beautiful photos of every moment (with a walk-through of two entire weddings)
  8. Posing and interacting with couples (with a live demonstration of 5 basic poses)
  9. Editing photos to make them look amazing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  10. Succeeding with your business and being a happy photographer
  11. much, much, more!

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