WordPress Plugin Development for 2016 - Build 9 Plugins - Coupon 50% Off >$10

Coupon WordPress Plugin Development for 2016 - Build 9 Plugins

Learn advanced WordPress Development to power up the administrative Back-End. Some videos include complete plugins.

Have you ever desired to know the secrets behind all the chilled things that WordPress plugins and themes can do?

For WordPress Theme Developers

Have you ever developed a theme and wanted it to do more? Through this coursework, I teach how to add powerful WordPress programming tools to your themes by modifying only a few files.

For WordPress Plugin Developers

After getting frustrated, because perhaps a plugin does not suit your needs, why not take your WordPress programming skills to the next level and learn how to personalize them to your needs?

For PHP Developers

Programming in WordPress is a snap when you already know PHP. This coursework shows how to take that PHP experience and parlay in to WordPress API development.

Some Videos Come With Complete Plugins

Besides teaching the advanced ideas, some videos come with complete plugins that can downloaded and used immediately after some customization as explained in each video

In this WordPress Plugin Development for 2016 - Build 9 Plugins course, I teach the advanced ideas from:
  1. Adding fields to the user profile page
  2. Over 12 popular hooks
  3. Changing post and page content on the fly
  4. Displaying messages on the administrative back finish to writers, contributors and other users
  5. User management
  6. Writing your own dashboard and sidebar widgets
  7. Hiding positive admin links and dashboard widgets from other users
  8. Security hacks such as redirecting unauthorized users away from the wp-admin login form.

When students finish this WordPress Plugin Development for 2016 - Build 9 Plugins coursework, they will have a powerful WordPress programming skill that most developers do not have and trust me, this looks fabulous to other programmers and on your resume.
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