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You are a Wordpress theme developer, but this work will teach you how to make your Wordpress themes even more powerful

This work is for any Wordpress user or web developer who would like to learn how to take their Wordpress theme development skills to the next level.

In the event you already have the skills generating Wordpress themes, this work will super-size those skills & make you an advanced theme developer.

This work delves more in to these theme development ideas with all the code you require to download & make it your own:

  • Generating your own template tags & calling them in your theme PHP files
  • Shortcodes
  • Page Templates
  • Displaying custom field knowledge in your templates
  • Infant themes
  • Developing your own template tags
  • Generating your own API hooks & calling them in any PHP file of your theme.
  • Registering & calling dynamic sidebars
  • Detailed menus & their menu locations

A whole section of lectures showing how to display posts & pages of various combinations.
This work offers a whole section teaching how to displaying posts & pages in any combination including, but not limited to:

  • post status (published, private, revision, etc)
  • by author
  • password protected
  • by custom post type
  • by a specific modified or published date
  • list of featured images from posts
  • cutting off the list of posts & pages by a definite number
  • Displaying posts & pages in a specific order by any field
  • Bonus Lectures With ExamplesI offer code samples from popular post lists including:
  • latest weblog posts
  • most recent pages
  • today's posts
  • random lists of posts
  • posts & pages by all authors
  • posts & pagesby a specific post type

What This Source Does Not Teach. These technologies are not covered in this course;

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Javascript
  4. How to make use of specific Wordpress plugins

Materials in this Work:

This work includes videos with example code as well as supplemental materials to download the code so students can concentrate using the code in their Wordpress theme files, but the videos will show how to change the code the needs of the final Wordpress net site.
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