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Learn how to build the most complex or complicated PC from gound zero. Pick & pick your own hardware that suit you

Have you wanted a powerful computer. Welcome to Personalize PC 2015.

do-it-yourself is the best solution. Why not buy off the shelf package from Dell, Acer, HP or others?Off the shelf is nice for those who do not require customisation.Off the shelf PC also come with a heavy cost tag. & most of the time you require some of the part in Dell & other part in Acer, you can pick & match.

do-it-yourself is your solution, initially in the event you are getting similar specification with the branded PC, do-it-yourself will be must cheaper comparing apple to apple.

do-it-yourself offer you the following benefitYou get to pick the casing you require, would you like a large or tiny casing, how about USB port would you like it to be at the front or at the back or even both. How about DVD Drive would you like one or two DVD drive. Having two DVD drive mean you can copy DVD disk basically. Most of the branded PC has only one DVD Drive & adding one more Drive mean additional money & it is much over you buy a DVD drive at your local hardware shop or even Amazon.Choose the motherboard you wantGraphic card in the event you are a gamer or would you like a traditional (nice) graphic card but spend the budget away for more RAM or getting a SSD harddisk

with do-it-yourself anything is feasible, it is only your imagination

In this coursework I show you how to build & personalized a PC from scratch.

& if any part is flawed along the years, you will know how to replace it. No require to bring down to your hardware man as you are the that assemble it & you can replace it yourself

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