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The final training for people managers consolidating the best in class tools & techniques used in giant businesses

11x videos covering the 3 key steps of people management:

Prepare and Build your team
1. Define your Vision, Mission and Strategy

2. Identify your team's Values

3. Clarify your team goals

Lead and manage your team
4. Credibility Self-Assessment and action plan

5. The Trust formula

6. The Situational Leadership model

7. Engage your team

Review your outcomes and improve
8. Review your team goals

9. Review your direct reports performance

10. Lead weekly team meetings

11. Direct Quarterly team reviews

2x Bonus videos:
Situational Leadership illustration
Recorded talk from a Leadership seminar in London

2x Action Toolkits in Microsoft Excel:
Credibility self-assessment
Trust formula dashboard for critical stakeholders

1h private coaching call with Greg

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