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Ditch the Slots and Switch To Casino Table Games Course

Lose less funds, have more fun by switching from slots to table games & reducing the house edge. In Vegas & around the country millions of people a year pump their funds in to slot machines.

Did you know that the house edge on slot machines can be as high as 15%? Did you also know that you can get the house edge on a Blackjack table down to 1/3%? That means you 45 times more likely to win funds at the Blackjack table than a slot machine.

This work is designed to take you through all the obtainable table games, what the focus of each game is & the way it compares to slot machine play. By the finish of this work it is possible for you to to walk in to a Casino knowing which table game you need to play.

In this Ditch the Slots and Switch To Casino Table Games Course, we'll cover:

  1. Games of pure chance, like Roulette, Casino War & Baccarat
  2. Games where you can make decisions that affect the house edge, like Blackjack, Card Poker & Craps
  3. Other areas of the Casino like the poker room & the sports book
This is a comprehensive look at everything in the Casino outside of the slot machines. In the event you feel intimidated or not sure about these areas it is time to fix that.
Mark over @ TradeUp Today has put this work together along with several others to give you a full schooling on table play at Vegas Casinos as well as much any Casino you walk in to.

This work is a FREE work with great content on every game to help you select which games you need to play. In the event you select you need to learn a game in more detail check out our other courses on Udemy for specific games & their strategies.

Enroll now & also get access to the discussions in this work where Mark will answer any specific questions you have about table games or Casinos in general.

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