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Iterative calculation in Excel

Matchless and exclusive training! Learn how to make use of iterative calculation and fight with circular references

Have you ever created giant lovely Excel workbook based on great numbers of links and formulas? Where you expecting it to work without tuning up values? And one time you have very complete it after several hours of hard word, have you ever faced error message "Careful, they found or more circular references in your workbook that might cause your formulas to calculate incorrectly"? Keep in mind what you was feeling like? Irritated? Frustrated? Willing to make circular... hole in your screen?

In case you are struggling to be actual Excel professional, you require to have this tool in your portfolio! Stand out from friends and colleagues! Start thinking wider in Excel

Circular references are useless and annoying, but that is only at first sight. In fact, in case you learn how to make use of them it is possible for you to to solve exotic and hard tasks very rapid. Circular references are not a bad thing in itself: you can use them to accomplish complex calculations that are otherwise impossible to do.

Files with all tasks are obtainable for downloading along the coursework.

Coursework is chiefly focused on key aspects of circular references: how to prevent and fix them in case you do not require those and the way you can use them for different tasks. Only practical side of the tool in simple to understand form followed with examples.

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