Learn Android Programming From Scratch - Beta - udemy course

A Fun Coursework For Learning Android Programming.

The coursework provide an introduction to Android Programming and allows somebody with a basic knowledge of programming to start generating Android Applications. It is a light coursework to cover fundamentals of Android. It will teach you the Android programming Paradigm and how to think while generating an Android program. They will cover topics such as Installation, Activities, Layouts, List Views, SQLite, Services Multimedia and Google Play.

The coursework is divided in to 6 units covering each of the above topics. You will start with basic installation technique and will move on to the first Android example which will outline the structure of Android Programs. You will then learn about the activities which forms the heart of Android application. One time you are clear with Activities and activity lifecycle you are prepared to generate small native applications of your own. You will then learn about Layouts for designing your UI and will learn it while generating sample applications along with it. You will then learn about the ListViews and SQLite for knowledge persistence. The next unit will be about services which lets you perform tasks in the background while UI activity is active on the screen. This unit will provide you examples to clarify your ideas for services. They will then move towards multimedia involving Audio and Video Playback. You will work on examples involving both of them. They conclude our coursework with a discussion on submitting your apps to Google Play.

It will be a fun learning coursework that is sure to help you get going with Android programming.

udemy free course :https://www.udemy.com/learn-android-programming-from-scratch-beta/