Re-Design Any Website To Make More Money - udemy free course

Learn how to redesign your net site to turn visitors in to customers and increase your online sales & return visits.

This is a complete work that is for somebody who has designed a web-site historicallyin the past or is thinking about designing a web-site in the near future.

This work does not include coding of any kind, so no knowledge of HTML is necessary. In case you have ever designed your net site with any of the following technologies:

  1. Dreamweaver
  2. HTML 4/5
  3. CSS
  4. WIX
  5. MS Front Page
  6. Wordpress
  7. Drupal
  8. PHP
  9. .NET

...then this work is ideal for you.

Have You Ever Designed A Net site That Has Not Increased Your Online Sales?

In case you have ever designed a web-site and have not been able to sell your services or products from it, then it may be designed ineffectively. I will show you how to make your net site successful by changing its design.

My work will show you what type of web design makes net site visitors take action to accomplish your net site objective. They also show what does NOT work and how to fix the issues.

Using This Work As A Reference

This work is not for learning how to generate successful sites, but also to be used as a reference while you design your net site.

My Background In Web Design And Fixing Ineffective Sites

I have not only designed sites for my clients, but I have also turned around their sales and visitor engagement. I now offer these same strategies to students in this work.

I Offer Several Activities and Projects In This Work To Help Students Apply This Work To Their Own Sites

When students sign up for this work, they will have access to various exercises and quizzes to help them apply the knowledge and design strategies taught in this work.

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