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Work From Home: The Amazon FBA MasterPlan - Udemy Coupon
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My name is Robert Rock & the likelihood is that you have never heard of me.

I am not a 'guru' or a known 'internet marketer'...

I am a standard who has tried & tested every feasible way of making a living online.

Over the past 9 years I have done dropshipping, Foreign exchange, MLM, Adsense, affiliate marketing, apps, selling Clickbank products (both as a seller & affiliate) & that is a start.

You name it. I have likely done it.

I have had some large successes, such as:

  1. Building 6-figure/year health businesses selling products on Amazon.
  2. 7-figure per year application business.
  3. three successful apps, in the health market, in the gambling market.
  4. I even one time bought a word dictionary .com domain name for $32,000 in money & sold it 15 days later for $125,000 (making $100K in profit for doing NO work whatsoever).
Other nice things have happened. So yes, a number of my ventures have worked out well.

The journey, however, has not always been simple...

I have also had my fair share of disasters, a number of which have been truly COLOSSAL.

For example:

I wasted two years of my life (along with $150K money) on a project that fell at the FINAL hurdle, when before launching, Apple brought out an exact version of the app I was building, available at no cost & as default on iOS 7.
A few years back, I bought a word .com finance related domain name for $64,000, invested an additional $60K in development & SEO, spent 18 months getting onto the first page of Google US for the term 'credit cards', did so successfully, started making around $1000 in commissions per day...

...and then BAM! Google's Penguin update hit the site literally 7 days after I got there, obliterating the rankings & causing the business to die overnight.

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