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AngularJs for the Real World - Learn by creating a WebApp - udemy

AngularJs is a well-liked Google Framework designed for Single page Application. Learn how to generate an Event WebApp.

AngularJS is a high demand javascript framework used by an increasing number of companies: Mastering this framework is a great opportunity that will help you in getting a new and better job in the frontend development industry.

Take this coursework and learn how to speed up your development thanks to AngularJS.

AngularJS is a Javascript framework used to generate Single Page Application (SPA) using a declarative approach. This means that Angular is extensible: you can define, for example, your own DSL (Domain Specific Language) and services.

AngularJS is free and it was originally created by a Google team of developers. At the minute there's more then one.3K contributors on GitHub and the community is wide. There's a lots of documentation, tutorials, examples and fiddles in additions to discussion groups, specialized sites and forums where you can find inspiration or solutions to common issues.

Target Audience

In the event you are new to AngularJS, no worries. I will drive you through the main topics and won't assume that you are already familiar with the framework.

On the other hand, In the event you already know AngularJS, you know that it can be as sweet as a rainbow unicorn or as bitter as your worst nightmare: this is why they will teach teach you a few best practices as well as examples of patterns and anti-patterns all over the coursework, so that you will learn a more efficient and clear way of coding your NG apps.

Course Content and Overview

In this coursework you'll find 5+ hours of video content; source code is provided for each lesson and in general there will be two downloadable attachments per lesson: the beginning and final source code; this will let you double check that your changes are correct as long as you proceed throughout each chapter. Links to outside resources are also provided where useful. Last but not least, I will support you with each query you might have.

The work is divided in 11 sections, each consisting in several videos (over 55 in total) where they will cover the different parts of the AngularJS framework.

By the finish of work, you will:

  1. Know how to put in AngularJS & how its architecture is built; (Installation, MVW approach)
  2. Acquire familiarity with the main Angular parts: modules, controllers, routing, two way information binding, dependency injection, prototypical inheritance, scopes, filter, directives, services & templating;
  3. They will talk a lot about forms, user information validation & filtering. You will learn how to implement a powerful form with validation, thanks to Angular Forms & its built-in validation. In other words you will learn how to improve the user experience of your application;
  4. acquire knowledge about all the built-in directives such as ng-repeat, ng-if, ng-switch, ng-show & ng-hide, ng-model, ng-controller & so on;
  5. Learn about the Angular built-in services, focusing on the $http service that will help you handling XHR;
  6. You will learn how to make use of it to query a webserver & handle responses with promises;
  7. Be able to build a full Backend Mock to check your application, by using the Angular $HttpBackend service in the NgMock module;.
  8. They will learn how to implement CRUD functionalities: a set of APIs (create-read-update-delete) necessary in much every WebApp;

They will dedicate a some lessons to custom directives: first a simple implementation then they will unveil the secrets of the "link function", how to isolate the scope & how to make the directive reusable with any application.

What you will receive at the finish of the work

At the finish of the work you will have a deep understanding of the basic ideas of AngularJS, & you will be prepared to start your next project by using this great framework.

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