Audio Recording For Udemy Instructors Made Easy - udemy coupon

Audio Recording For Udemy Instructors Made Easy - udemy coupon
How to basically record great sounding audio for your Udemy coursework without any costly gear or audio editing application.

Are you struggling with recording great sounding audio for your Udemy courses?

Plenty of Udemy instructors struggle with producing great quality audio.

Then they look online and find plenty of tutorials requiring costly gear or complicated techniques and application.

It doesn't must be this way!

Getting great sounding audio can be tremendous simple and cheap.

In this coursework you'll learn how to get great audio with a maximum amount of gear and without using ANY audio editing application.

We'll even get first rate audio using a $12 microphone!

Here's what you'll learn:

  1. Why great sounding audio is so important
  2. Gear that you require - and what you don't require
  3. Specific microphone recommendations
  4. The basics of acoustics
  5. Setting up your room for the best feasible sound
  6. Recording process (microphone positioning, etc.)
  7. Recording workflow from beginning to finish
  8. Troubleshooting common audio issues

Audio is so important for Udemy instructors. Bad audio can lead to an disagreeable experience for your students, bad engagement, and bad reviews. It may even lead to your coursework being rejected by Udemy!
Take this coursework and learn how to record audio the simple way.

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