Bible Study: Philemon - 7 Lessons We Can Learn For Today - udemy coupon

Bible Study: Philemon - 7 Lessons We Can Learn For Today - online course

Bible Study of the letter to Philemon and the lessons individuals can draw from this man from Colossi

This may be of the least known books and possibly its similarity in size with Obadiah in the Elderly Testament and 1st, 2nd John & Jude in the New Testament might have caused some to over look it.

However this book of the Bible is as power packed as any other because the Word of GOD is the power of GOD onto salvation! Hence they approach it with the same reverence, determination and desire to learn more from the HOLY SPIRIT.

Our aim here is to enjoy a brief history of the book then dive in to at least seven lessons they as individuals can learn from in the our generation.

Philemon may be small known to lots of Christians but this tiny book illustrates profound truths about:

Every individual
The Gospel

I honestly hope that as the Paul commended David's service in his generation they can also fulfill GOD;s purpose in ours as they learn from the letter to Philemon.

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