Develop a WebView android app for your website from scratch - udemy coupon

Develop a WebView android app for your website from scratch - udemy
Complete edition course to turn your website into an eye catchy android WebView App, next day you complete the course.

Let me tell you something about the coursework.

This flash coursework will take you through the short & simple process of turning your Wordpress (or non-Wordpress) web-site in to a downloadable Android app.

What is a WebView app?

A WebView app is a native app which anyone can download from the app stores & install on their devices. The term "WebView" means that the app will open a viewer window which shows your web-site content in it.

Why generating an app for my web-site?

You know there's thousands of web-sites out there for any niche you can think of. So having an app for your web-site will help you boost the things follows.

  1. Stand out from the competitors
  2. Will help to improve your user engagement
  3. Build brand & recognition.
  4. Generate direct marketing channel.
  5. You will be visible to your users on a regular basis.

Imagine this if a user desires to open your web-site in to his/her mobile tool. Then they desires to open up his browser & must type in your web address to reach you.

Now imagine in the event you have an app then they can reach out to by a single tap on the icon of your app.

By offering them a downloadable app which will immediately send them to your web-site - you help them reach you faster & more basically - all they must do is to click on your app icon!

And, this will help your brand - imagine that your web-site icon will be in front of your readers' eyes everytime they open their mobile devices (& they both know how plenty of time that happens everyday).

PS :- Why not making things simpler for them?

Will i must update my web-site in two places?


The WebView app you will generate, acts like a mirror- it takes your web-site as-is & shows it in the app window. Because of that, it is always up-to-date, so everytime you add a post, modify a page, update your layour or add products - everything will even be immediately updated in the app.

What else will my app do?

That is perhaps the key part - you will learn how to add a push notifications feature, so everytime you update a post, a product or need to announce something - you can send a push notification to all of your app users & let them know immediately what is new. This is a great way to keep your users & readers updated & keep your brand in their heads on a regular basis.

In addition, you will learn how to implement Admob in your app, so you can monetize your app. note that you cannot use Adsense ads in a Webview app - you will must make use of Admob. More details about this is the "Showing Ads In Your App" section.

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