Learn Javacript: A Journey Through Javascript - udemy course

udemy course - Learn Javacript: A Journey Through Javascript
Learn the basics of JavaScript, the programming language of the Web

In this work, you'll journey through the JavaScript programming language. You'll learn the basics of JavaScript to take your development skills to the next level.

In the 20+ years since its beginning, JavaScript has become the common language of the world wide web. Alongside HTML & CSS, Javascript is of the essential technologies of the internet; all of websites employ it & it is supported by all modern web browsers.

JavaScript is a programming language that drives the world wide web: from front-end user interface design, to backend server-side programming, you'll find JavaScript at every stage of a web-site & web application.

In this work, you'll learn the essential programming ideas & syntax of the JavaScript programming language. We'll start at the outset & cover everything about the language that a beginner needs to know.
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