Toastmasters - A guide to the Competent Communicator Manual - udemy free

Toastmasters - A guide to the Competent Communicator Manual - udemy coupon
Learn about the first 10 speeches that every new Toastmaster needs to complete for their Competent Communicator award.

This course is a quick guide to the first 10 speeches in the Toastmaster program, otherwise known as the Competent Communication manual. The course will provide a quick overview of the objectives and timing for each project as well as the tips that I have used to successfully complete the project.

Inside the course, you'll find videos, quizzes and sample speeches which will provide you with all the knowledge and tools you need to complete the 10 speeches in an efficient and stress-free manner.

If you're a brand new Toastmaster trying to complete your first 10 speeches or a seasoned Toastmaster who has completed their Competent Communication manual multiple times, anyone can learn something new from practicing and delivering these speeches.

You will learn how to:

  1. Begin speaking before an audience
  2. Organize your speech in a way that helps the audience understand what you are talking about
  3. Make sure that your speech has a focus for the audience
  4. Use language that engages the audience
  5. Use body language to enhance the delivery of your speech
  6. Use your voice in different ways to add meaning and entertainment to your speech
  7. Research your speech and understand the different support material you can use
  8. Become comfortable with visual aids and how they can improve or enhance your speech
  9. Persuade your audience and the steps to convince them of an idea or viewpoint
  10. Inspire your audience with stories

Hope to see you soon!

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