Using Emotional Intelligence and Managing Aggressive People - udemy coupon

Using Emotional Intelligence and Managing Aggressive People - udemy course coupon
Apply Emotional Intelligence Skills and Manage Aggressor on the Job

This a combo coursework, reuniting to different but related courses: Using Emotional Intelligence on the Job and Working with Aggressive People.

Using Emotional Intelligence on the Job

You feel that everything is wrong at work? Are you frustrated by your job? Is your working surroundings conflictual? Is it difficult to work together with your colleagues? Do you feel like skipping work today?

If your answer is yes, the solution is simple: work on your emotional intelligence and everything will alter. Take a short coursework with high impact.

After finishing this coursework, it is possible for you to to:
  1. understand the impact of workplace emotions,
  2. communicate with empathy,
  3. apply key emotional intelligence skills in a confrontation scenario, and
  4. help others to create self-awareness and empathy.
  5. The coursework includes video materials, written documents and quizzes to facilitate optimal learning, and reinforce your understanding and practical skills.
In less than two hours you are going to learn how to make use of your four key emotional intelligence competences on the job.

So, ff you need to better understand, create and use your emotional intelligence skills, you will greatly benefit from this coursework.

This is high intensity training for your career success!

Working with Aggressive People

In case you feel frustrated by the interactions together with your co-workers or people outside your work, and you feel that you cannot fight every day aggressions, don't despair. Hostile and passive aggressors can be defeated.

This coursework teaches you how to handle with success:
  1. verbal assailants,
  2. dirty diggers,
  3. hotheads,
  4. knowledge wardens,
  5. unresponsive aggressors, and
  6. wafflers
  7. both in the workplace and in your life.
They are going to analyze together 6 types of aggressors to understand their characteristics and strategies to deal with aggressors. For each type they are going to practice coping and response strategies.

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